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Naarei does not contain gluten

It does not contain GMOs

It does not contain parabens

It does not contain chemical preservatives

It does not contain artificial colours

It does not contain synthetic perfumes

It does not contain silicones

It is not tested on animals

It does not contain ingredients of animal origin

It does not contain petrochemical

It does not contain alcohol

The packaging does not contain a mirror


Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt tested

It is dermatologically tested

It is ophtalmologically tested and it is suitable for contact lens wearers

It is made through a careful and scrupulous selection of all its components

It is mindful of biodiversity

It uses exclusively untreated natural and mineral pigments

It is the result of constant research for the improvement of formulas and the use of active principles

The packaging is biodegradable and recyclable

It guarantees a good quality/price ratio

It is Made in Italy


Naarei has been awarded COSMOS certification (Cosmetics Organic and Natural Standard), a European certification that came into force in January 2010 which brings together the main international certifying bodies with the aim of defining and regulating natural, organic and ecological cosmetics, guaranteeing the customer the utmost rigour and seriousness in the checks carried out.

This certification is not limited to the finished product, but covers the whole production process: processing method and type, minimum percentage of organic ingredients, trustworthiness and reliability of raw material suppliers, packaging, traceability of production lots, choice of packaging materials and storage of the finished products.



Naarei is a 100% natural cosmetic line (except for pencils, 99,9% and nail products) that uses vegetable ingredients from organic farming.

With the term organic we refer to a method of natural farming that totally excludes the use of chemical additives, pesticides and herbicides, thereby guaranteeing products without any toxic residues, qualitatively superior, and providing better performance.


We are one of the first cosmetics companies to choose for their packaging polylactic acid (PLA), a plastic material of vegetable origin which is obtained from corn, not petroleum, and which is 100% biodegradable.

Our PLA guarantees:
• saving of fossil reserves, petroleum, because the raw material used, corn, is renewable and does not contain GMOs;
• reduced use of fossil fuel in the manufacturing process with a consequent reduction in CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission;
• energy saving, because the manufacturing process takes place at low temperatures.

PLA requires the same care and delicacy as a live element: it must not be exposed directly to heat levels over 45°C / 113°F because it runs the risk of losing its shape. 


Naarei collaborates with the IMAGINE non-profit organisation to promote health-care and wellbeing that are more correct, humane, efficient, and sustainable all over the world.

Naarei supports IMAGINE projects on prevention, correct health information/education, basic health-care, and support of local health systems.